Thursday, February 12, 2009


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We packed up and changed addresses

As you may or may not have seen since you are still on this site, we have changed websites to (no blogspot address forwarding anymore). I will continue to leave this site up and running for now to help with a smooth transition. Feel free to head on over to the new site and take a look around! There are tons more resources for you there!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009





Global Economy...Tick, Tick, Tick

More news this morning from the UK that their recession is going to be deeper than expected. Big surprise right everyone? Still, the King is signaling more rate cuts and more injected cash to try and hold the system up in place. The GBP/USD is off more than 500 pips since its recent highs and looking to head lower. As for the US pre-market futures, they are still swinging between gains and losses. We might see a slight rally today given how over-sold we are from yesterday. But we will not get anywhere near where we opened yesterday. As we continue to move down, I'll be moving down stops on my shorts and taking profits on my longs. If you feel like your in the twilight zone hearing this its true. I'm using the same strategy just reversing my positions and making money all the market swings. S&P intra-day support and resistance targets below.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

DOW Falls Nearly 5%, Who's Feeling Another Big Drop Coming?

Wow, I'm glad that I closed out some of my long positions at the open this morning. Saved me just about 8% today in protected profits. Since we were hedge for both directions, some of our short did amazingly well as you would expect with such a huge sell off. I have been looking at some of the longer term charts to get an idea of where we are heading and will have some thoughts on that tonight in the trading video. Please check back later for the video. We have a lot to talk about out there...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Market Swings To Neutral Close And Waits For Stimulus Bill

GM & Crisisler On The Brink Of Forced Bankruptcy

Good Morning! As you probably already saw in the news, the debt heavy auto makers might possibly be forced into bankruptcy soon to protect the US loan interests. Of course I won't get into politics here, but start keeping newspapers as we are witnessing the collapse of free market capitalism right in front of our eyes. It hasn't completely fallen apart yet, but we are getting very close! As for the markets, they seem to be taking the news with about a 1% decline in the futures. It's my hope that this week doesn't wipe out all my long profits, but I still hold a bunch of great looking shorts that will do just fine with a sell off. As a note, please watch the trading video from last night, as it has some great educational information. S&P support and resistance targets below.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday, February 6, 2009

Suprise, Suprise, Jobs Data Much Worse Than Expected

Good morning! I woke up this morning hoping that today would be just as great as yesterday for my portfolio. If you didn't watch the video last night (which is still below) then missed an amazing day for members and I as some of our longs were up over 16%! Of course I'm not bull-headed enough to think that will happen again today, but you never know what this market will throw at you. Since the jobs numbers came out a little while ago, futures have been shaky to say the least. I think its amazing that almost half of the jobs loses came in the last 3 months of 2008. Regardless, I remind everyone not to get caught up in the news and watch the charts. As has always been, the charts price in all the possible information and expectations in the market which gives us a clearer picture of market direction than anything else out there. Here's your S&P intra-day support and resistance targets.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Markets Reverse Losses, ANR Long Up 16%+ Today!

Central Banks Cut Rates, US Futures Fall

Good Morning! Early this morning the Central Bank of England cut its rates to 1% and the ECB decided to leave their rate at 2% but we all know its probably going to come down from there later on. As a result the GBP is showing some strength while the EUR is falling against the dollar. Should be an interesting day for the FOREX markets which will need a day or two to figure out how to price in all these interest rate changes. As for US stocks, the futures are pointing downward, nothing really outlandish but still a negative sentiment. As you can see I posted the S&P support and resistance targets. Yesterday they were dead on for the intra-day reversal. Which helped members lock in some profits on our new trades. Again we need to watch the 8,000 level on the DOW as the our "line in the sand" for the next move. Happy Trading!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bearz Fight Back And Push DOW Down 1.5% After Eary Gains

522,000 Jobs Cut In January, Obama Plays Invisible Hand

Good morning! As everyone has probably already seen, US companies cut more than half a million jobs in January. Which to the surprise of everyone was a lower job cut number than expected leading the futures higher this morning. After thinking about it, you realize that all those poeple are not going to be buying goods and services nor paying their bills anytime in the near future. And the fact remains that this will only begin to compound their problems and the economy.

Now, regarding Obama's pay cap for executives I can see it going both ways (more one than the other but I'll let you decide that). The first arguement is that it does prevent the over excessive salaries for horribly run companies which frankly should have been let to fail. On the other hand, the main reason that executives put their time and money into a company (and believe me they put more of these in than most people think) is mainly because in the past they have been incentivized to made the company as profitable and successful as physicall possible. As such, the more the company grew, the higher thier bonuses and pay structure was as a result. Its economics 101. Now that we have salary caps I think we are going to see a lot of our countries best business minds leave the industry.

S&P intra-day support and resistance levels.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

S&P Rallies 1.5%+ After Heavy Flow Of Earnings

This market continues to amaze me each and everyday. I thought we would for sure be knocking at the 8,000 door today but not break through it like we did. Still, I remain hesitant that this is a mere short term (or even one day) correction in the broader downtrend move. I'm not going to argue that we are very over-sold, but the health of the economy is still terrible. As for my portfolio, I made some big moves today as members know. While I still remained fairly hedge, I have accumulated some rather large positions in anticipation of a major market move over the next couple of weeks. Whether the bullz or bearz take over is irrelevant; I'll be ready for the move. As I said last night, we are approaching the time when you have to start jumping back into the muddy water...

Banks And Brokers Feel More Pain As Everyone Watchs 8,000 On DOW

Okay, so futures are swinging between gains and losses this morning as more stimulus buzz is balanced by economic disappointments left and right. Not much to say about today's movements exec pt that closing above 8,000 is critical for the DOW to get even slightly bullish on the indexes. For those of you looking to make a long trade if we sell off today, here are the S&P intra-day support and resistance targets. Happy Trading!

Monday, February 2, 2009

DOW Breaks 8,000 Level, Now What?

The markets finally broke below 8,000 on fairly hard selling today. If history repeats itself we could see another huge rally tomorrow (like those of October and November) as we do remain very oversold short-term. Still, closing below 8,000 cannot be good for this market's health. So with all this volatility where do we invest our hard earned money? The simple answer is to focus on areas and stocks that continue to experience huge bullish or bearish moves, like gold and oil. Now, they are not going to reverse overnight of course. So, if you are looking to make millions in one day you need to re-read some trading books. However, making educated trades based on odds and risk management will absolutely put some money in your pockets this year. I know I say it all the time, but I can't stress enough how important it is to be patient as a trader. If have an itch to make trades each day just to say you are a "day trader" then by all means, throw your money down the toilet, it will be much quicker. Everyone else, follow me to the promise land...